On Demand Webinar:
Get More Direct Bookings with Google

Redeam + GatherUp’s Mike Blumenthal

Webinar Overview

These days, Google is everywhere!

With the growing ecosystem of Google’s advances in travel, if you’re not yet familiar with Reserve with Google, which allows Google users to book tickets directly within their Google experience, you will want to make this webinar a 2020 priority.

5 Important Things You’ll Learn

  1. Why it’s important to know where your online customers come from and how to determine that
  2. Content that matters to improving your conversion rates
  3. Why you need and how to get more valuable reviews
  4. The many tools Google provides for free that you can leverage
  5. What, why, and how you can take advantage of Reserve with Google to bolster your bookings!

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What is Reserve with Google and why should you care?

Here's Why

A more seamless booking and mobile redemption experience.

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