What is Reserve with Google?

A one-stop-shop.

Reserve with Google lets consumers book their activities without ever having to leave the Google environment!

Most customers never even get to your site.

The majority of sales takes place directly at Google — take advantage with Redeam and Reserve with Google.

Why should operators care about Reserve with Google?

People like Google

  • It’s trusted! Over 90% of the world uses Google because they provide better, more relevant results
  • It’s sticky! It’s estimated that as much as 90% of an operator’s incoming digital leads come from Google
  • It’s mobile dominant! Google Android operating system, with Google Maps & Google Assistant built-in, is used by more phones worldwide than any other
  • It’s helpful! Google has moved from simply helping consumers find answers to actually helping people get things done
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2020 “Get More Direct Bookings” webinar poll respondents.

How can Operators get more bookings with Redeam?

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Reserve with Google user flow

A powerful partnership

How Redeam’s partnership with Google is better:

  • More Sales Control — it’s more like selling direct!
  • More Content Control — you choose how to display your product details, not your OTA
  • More Transparency — you’ll know when your bookings came from Google
  • More Data — customer full names, emails, phone numbers, and transaction figures — it all flows directly to you
  • More Profit — increase your margins with Redeam’s competitive commissions
  • More Assurance — bear no cost until a Redeam/Reserve with Google booking is made!