Channel Manager

What is a Channel Manager?

If you sell attractions, activities, tours, live events, and other bookable experiences online, you can vastly increase your sales reach and marketing capacity by working with other third-party resellers and OTAs. These “channels” help you attract more customers from places all over the world looking for an experience like yours. But managing them all can be labor intensive and time consuming: each has their own extranet you have to log into to make any changes to prices, inventory allocation, and other product personalization. Sometimes these changes don’t take effect right away, either.

Enter Redeam’s Channel Manager, a solution that lets you control all of your channels in one centralized location. Make changes to only one reseller or a select few. Make different kinds of changes to each. With Redeam’s Channel Manager, you have total control, and all your changes are made in real time! When customers make a booking through one of your reselling partners, the booking is delivered with a scannable barcode, directly to you or to your ticketing system and your inventory is managed accordingly. Perhaps best of all, Redeam’s Channel Manager helps prevent fraudulent redemption and expedites your reporting process so you can receive payments from your reselling partners faster and more easily!


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Works with any Ticketing & Reservation System

Redeam is integrated with the leading ticketing & reservation systems in the sector.

Single Integration

Access the worldwide community of resellers with a single IT integration, reducing costs.

Gate-Readable Barcodes

Improve the customer experience by allowing customers to go straight to the gate.

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