What is a Channel Manager?

Redeam’s Channel Manager works in coordination with existing ticketing or reservation systems to automatically connect and distribute tours with the worldwide community of Tour & Activity resellers. While real-time availability, pricing and the transmission of bookings are becoming commonplace, Redeam’s Channel Manager helps prepare for the next wave in Tours & Activities distribution: Demand-based pricing, tour personalization and enhanced collection of customer data to ensure a smoother tour experience.

Works with any Ticketing & Reservation System

Redeam is integrated with the leading ticketing & reservation systems in the sector.

Single Integration

Access the worldwide community of resellers with a single IT integration, reducing costs.

Gate-Readable Barcodes

Improve the customer experience by allowing customers to go straight to the gate.

Real-time Sales Data

Make more intelligent decisions based on a holistic view of all third-party sales.

Sell More Tickets with Redeam

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Channel Manager News & Information

Stephen Joyce


We work with hundreds of small to medium business sized operators, and integrating with each partner’s API would take thousands of hours or more. By taking on the work of connecting with third party Resellers, Redeam Channel Manager has freed our development team to focus on continuing to introduce innovative functionality for our clients rather than build out hundreds of API’s

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