What Redeamers Appreciate…

On this Employee Appreciation Day 2021, Redeam wants to acknowledge our appreciation for all our worldwide employees. OUR THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for what you do and what you bring to the Redeam Team, especially during these recent difficult times!

While we were at it, Redeam was also interested in highlighting what or who our employees want to recognize and appreciate themselves, so here’s the team’s take on what’s special in their own lives…

Top Row, left to right

  • Melanie Meador – “I appreciate my husband and that through our foundation and the generosity of many, we are able to help people in need.”
  • John Hammar – “I appreciate time with my family.”
  • Jo Wilkey – “I appreciate my husband. Without him I wouldn’t have fresh veggies and fruits growing in my garden and the awesome honey from his bees.”
  • Blaine Cheshire – “I appreciate the Colorado outdoors with my family…& camouflage apparel!”
  • Amy Franklin – “I appreciate hiking and camping with the ones I love.”
  • Trevoris Jefferson – “I appreciate my dog Nova & cat Smokey (not pictured)”

Second Row, left to right

  • Roman Avdieiev – “I appreciate my leg, that it allowed me to snowboard this winter, after 5 weeks of being in a cast during summer and its long rehabilitation.”
  • Amber Smokowski – “I appreciate being a beginner and learning something new! I’ve been learning how to lift weights, still practicing form, but it’s humbling to start from square 1!”
  • Sami Bouaazzi – “Thankful for my friends who always keep my life entertaining!”
  • Nathan Bass – “A smooth scotch & a bold flavored cigar enjoyed on my front porch”
  • Megan Krase – “I appreciate these two. They are my world, they keep me grounded, and they remind me not to always be so serious.”

Third Row, left to right

  • Aylannah Dylag – “I appreciate outdoor adventures with my family.”
  • Joel Dalley – “I appreciate walking out my building directly onto the Millennium bridge.”
  • Pavel Osipyants – “I appreciate meeting new friends all over the world!”
  • Marcela Carreiro – “I appreciate time with my family when I am in my hometown in Brazil!”
  • Tom Ogelsby – “I appreciate my girls and my pup.”
  • Markus Boeker – “Besides my partner Nelson, I am super grateful for Alexa Echo, that allows me to see my mom in Germany every.single.day and make her smile!”
  • Justin Turner – “I appreciate desert mountains and open spaces that I can share with friends and family.”
  • Trey Decker – “I appreciate my fiancée Julia & my two lovely cats.”

Bottom Row, left to right

  • Chris Neal – “I appreciate quality time on slopes with this kiddo.”
  • Brian Orwig – “I am most grateful for family.”
  • Rachel Neal – “Grateful for COVID vaccines!”
  • Todd Empcke – “I appreciate my family.”
  • Gabe Kahen – “I appreciate working with such a fantastic team every single day; unrelated picture of my roommates below.”
  • Hollis Thomases – “I am grateful for my fur babies (and a stiff drink at the end of a chaotic day!)”
  • Eric Brown – “I appreciate this punk-a**, on my shoulder… and all of our cubs.”
  • Vitalli Onuchak – “I appreciate spending time with the ones I love.”
  • Virginia Bush – “I am beyond grateful to have a healthy mind so that I can work and provide for/take care of my family.”


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