What Does Redeam Do Fact Sheet

What does Redeam do?


Redeam provides digital connectivity solutions to the Things To Do industry, from large attractions and events to small entrepreneur tour guide and activity operators. 


And what does that mean?


It means that, using the Internet, our technology allows your inventory to be sent and sold by other channels without you having to literally lift a finger. With a few fingers on your keyboard (and no more extranets!), you can control and manage what kind of inventory, how much, and at what price this inventory gets delivered to which channels. That way, your channel partners sell only what you allow them to sell. In turn, when your guests arrive, their confirmations include gate-ready tickets so they can more easily access your experience, and you can more easily process their redemption.

Redeam’s technology also allows you to easily add and sell other experience provider and hotel inventory on your site. This is a great opportunity to create bundled packages for your customers to purchase, gain incremental revenue, and improve website conversions. And, by the way, other Redeam partners can sell YOUR inventory this way, too!


Why do we even want this kind of solution?


Because unless you sell out of all your inventory 100% of every day that you’re open, you are not maxing out your sales and revenue. Channel and co-marketing partners help you sell more of your product, and they can do much more marketing for your company than you can probably do yourself. But you might be thinking, the more channel partners you have, the harder it will be to manage them all to update things like available inventory, product descriptions, pricing, and more. Most channel partners at best have an extranet that you have to log into, one at a time, to make these updates. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could manage all your partners from one single web dashboard, track your third-party sale redemptions, and produce reconciliation reports with the click of a button?


Do I need any special technology myself?


Not necessarily. If you’re working with an online ticketing or reservation system, you’ve already got a leg-up. If you already work with any digital channel partners like OTAs, you’ve got two legs up. If you’re actively looking for new ways to sell more bookings, well, you likely don’t have three legs, so let’s just say, TALK TO US TODAY and let Redeam help.