Transforming Freesale into Reserved: A Strategic Shift for Resellers’ Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel technology, companies like Redeam are taking strides to simplify the way business is conducted. Often we find that the inventory controls and product management tools within a ticketing system are different from those within the resellers. This creates an environment where one side must make concessions, change their business model or they are unable to do business together. At Redeam, we have created a platform where neither side needs to compromise. Each system can function as designed and Redeam makes up the difference.

In this particular use case, Redeam accepts a freesale model product from the Supplier and transforms it into a reserved model for the Reseller. This allows both sides to use the optimal functionality within their systems while still maintaining contract terms and optimizing consumer sales. Recognizing the intricacies of Resellers’ operations, Redeam understood the importance of adapting to their unique requirements. The shift from freesale to reserved is a strategic move aimed at providing resellers with a platform that aligns more closely with the dynamics of their business while still providing an environment where operators can manage with their preferences.


Below are the key advantages of Redeam’s Flexible Model:


System Agnostic: With Redeam’s channel manager you don’t have to work within another system to make your data work. You work within your system as it’s designed and we’ll make the changes needed to fit to the other systems involved.


Price Management: Pricing rules can transform your pricing as well. Only have one price point in the ticketing system but need multiple for various resellers? No problem. Redeam can set up pricing rules to create net rates from retail or vice versa, or even different rates per reseller while you only manage a single product and price in the ticketing system.


Strengthened Partnerships: Technology won’t get in the way of partners doing business the way they want to. Contract the terms that are best for the partnership and we can make the technology work alongside it.


Operational Efficiency: Manage your own system and your own team as you know best. We’ll work with you to develop the enhancements or the processes to keep everything aligned.


By prioritizing the needs of customers, Redeam has not only responded to the current demands of the market but has also set a new standard for innovation and adaptability. As the travel technology landscape continues to evolve, we promise to help you evolve with it.