The Pricing Engine: Empowering Pricing Flexibility with Redeam


Redeam’s Pricing Engine is a versatile tool that empowers Operators to streamline their pricing strategies. With the ability to create and implement pricing rules to calculate discounts or mark-ups on rates coming from ticketing systems, Operators can work off of a single ticket price while still maintaining the crucial differences in contracted rates. This means that Operators can ensure consistency in their pricing across various channels while accommodating the unique agreements they have with different partners. It’s all about simplifying the pricing process without compromising on the flexibility needed in today’s dynamic travel industry landscape.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the key features and benefits of this indispensable tool.


Unlocking Pricing Potential

The Pricing Engine is a powerful tool within the Redeam ecosystem designed to cater to the diverse needs of its partners. Whether you’re an Operator, a Reseller, or a Ticketing System provider, the Pricing Engine empowers you to get and send prices that align with your specific requirements.


Tailored Price Distribution

One of the standout features of the Pricing Engine is its ability to bridge the gap between Operators and Resellers with differing pricing expectations. Let’s consider a scenario: an Operator provides Net prices, but the Reseller expects Retail prices. Redeam steps in as the mediator, utilizing rules configured based on Operator requirements to ensure that the Reseller gets the desired amount. This ensures smoother partnerships and more satisfied customers.


Custom Discount and Markup

Flexibility is at the core of Redeam’s Pricing Engine. Partners have the freedom to set values for discount or markup calculations on rates. This can be tailored on a per-Reseller basis, allowing Operators to fine-tune their pricing strategies to cater to the specific needs and expectations of different partners.


Original Price Maintenance

Redeam understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of original prices for reporting and tracking purposes. With the Pricing Engine, partners can rest easy, knowing that the original price is securely stored while rates are calculated based on it. This separation of data ensures that you have access to accurate and reliable information when you need it.


In conclusion, Redeam’s Pricing Engine is a game-changer in the world of ticketing and travel. It empowers partners to handle pricing at various levels with ease, flexibility, and precision. Whether you’re an Operator looking to satisfy the pricing expectations of your Resellers or a Reseller aiming to streamline your pricing strategy, the Pricing Engine is your trusted ally.

With Redeam’s Pricing Engine, you’re not just handling prices; you’re mastering them to meet the diverse demands of the travel industry. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace pricing flexibility with Redeam.