The Power of Digitization and Connectivity

Redeam is proud to call GetYourGuide a partner in the Things To Do sector of the Travel Industry. GetYourGuide is a leading experiences booking platform, and Redeam offers GetYourGuide suppliers across the globe a flexible suite of services that optimizes their business in a complimentary manner, working with their system and their current processes.

Together, GetYourGuide and Redeam help owners and operators of the world’s most unforgettable experiences harness the power of digitization and connectivity. Below is a list of what this “dream team” can help suppliers achieve. 

  1. Increase sales opportunities by increasing the number of products you can sell without increasing the overhead of maintaining them.  Distribute globally and with global partners without increasing your daily workload.
  2. Create a single source of truth. No need to update multiple systems and keep them in sync. Maintain your pricing, inventory, bookings and incoming guests in a single system that you control.
  3. Take control of inventory and pricing with channel binding at the product level.   
  4. Instantaneously update pricing in one centralized location to allow for true revenue management and price optimization
  5. Reign-in barcoding headaches by receiving all bookings directly into your ticketing system, distributing barcodes through Redeam to all resellers, or letting Redeam generate gate scannable codes on your behalf.   
  6. Accelerate reconciliation reporting by automating booking delivery and confirmation.  Keep the reseller system and your ticketing system in sync without any work on your side.  Report directly out of your ticketing system rather than relying on 3rd party data that needs to be consolidated and reconciled.
  7. Save time – ultimately save in every area of your business from pre-sales, to onboarding, to sales, to revenue management and finally when handling your customers.  Everything is more efficient when it’s happening within a single system and a single source of truth.

Lauren Oliver, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Redeam says, “We enjoy a very close relationship with GetYourGuide who have always been a responsive and supportive Partner.  Adding new Operator customers to GetYourGuide is a positive experience, delivering great results for our customers. We are extremely proud of our Advanced Partner Status with GetYourGuide, which highlights our great Partnership and the quality of the connection we maintain.”

For more information, or for how you can work with GetYourGuide via Redeam, email us at 

About Redeam: Redeam was founded in 2015 to digitize and transform the Experiences industry. We provide global connectivity solutions for the Supply and Demand side, so that things to do and activity suppliers can better manage and control, in real time, the pricing, inventory, and product descriptions for the sale of their tickets through their ticketing system.

About GetYourGuide: GetYourGuide is the leading booking platform unlocking the world’s most unforgettable travel experiences for modern explorers. Powered by their global and diverse team of travel enthusiasts, experts, and technologists, they are changing the way people connect to the places they visit