Revolutionizing Live Events: Redeam’s Innovative Approach

In today’s fast-paced world, attending live events is not just about entertainment; it’s an experience. From concerts and theater performances to sports events and festivals, live events offer an unparalleled opportunity for connection, inspiration, and enjoyment. However, the process of organizing, selling, and attending these events can sometimes be cumbersome and time-consuming. Enter Redeam – a game-changer in the live events meets travel  industry.

1. Redeam and Live Events

Redeam is at the forefront of transforming the way we access live events. With its innovative platform, Redeam streamlines the entire process, from purchasing to entry, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for both event organizers and attendees.

2. All the Benefits, None of the Work

One of the key features of Redeam is that it offers all the benefits of selling live events without any of the usual hassles.  Developing complex and  fragmented seating chart functionality for events where often the seats are sold out from underneath you, stops most distributors from adding Live Events to their portfolio of experiences.  The extreme differences in APIs in Live Event ticketing system adds another complex layer to develop and maintain.   Lastly, building out new content structures and page layouts to represent Live Events for an unknown area of sale, is an ROI that most travel distributors are not willing to gamble on.  Whether you’re an event organizer looking to sell tickets outside of the “normal channels” or a distributor wanting to complete your experiences portfolio, Redeam takes care of the logistics so you can focus on driving more guests to more events.

3. Seated/Live Events Transformed to Best Available Model for Non-development Implementation

Redeam’s platform transforms seated/live events into a best available model for a non-development implementation. By leveraging our data transformation technology and innovative solutions, Redeam groups, labels and maps complex seated events into a data model that fits most distributors attractions or activities models.    This means that distributors can dip the proverbial toe into the Live Events space, rounding out their consumer offering, with little to no cost.     It also allows artists, sporting teams, theaters, event promoters and ticketing systems to break into the traditional travel and experiences markets, putting their Live Events in front of millions of people actively looking for “things to do”

4. Live Events Listed with Everything

With Redeam, live events are listed with everything attendees need to know. From event details and ticket prices to seating charts, images and venue information, Redeam provides a comprehensive overview of each event, making it easy for distributors to sell and attendees to find and purchase tickets.

5. Live Events Info Follows Standard Format

By transforming the live event data, Redeam makes live events info follow a standard format, making it easy for event organizers to list their events and for distributors to display relevant information. This standardized approach streamlines the entire process and ensures consistency across the platform.

This is accomplished through section selling, allowing consumers to pick the specific sections of the venue they want, the price point they want, and receive the best seats available at that moment.  This feature not only simplifies the ticket-buying experience for attendees and distributors but also enables organizers to maximize revenue and optimize seating arrangements.

In conclusion, Redeam is revolutionizing the live events industry with its innovative platform and streamlined approach. By offering all the benefits of selling live events without any of the usual hassles, Redeam is making it easier than ever for event organizers and distributors to connect and sell unforgettable experiences together. Whether you’re planning a concert, festival, or sporting event or just wanting to sell them, Redeam is the ultimate solution for simplifying the process and enhancing the overall experience.