Redeam’s Ukrainian Team: Strength in the Face of War

To say that the last year for our Ukrainian team has been tough is an understatement. Each day they are faced with challenges in daily life, expectations that we take for granted, such as minimal daily electricity, reliable WiFi signals, having to bunker underground or in bomb shelters for safety, rationing food, and so much more. They are constantly faced with the trauma and violence of war. Despite all of the above, and based on their own desire, each of Redeam’s team members in war stricken Ukraine continue to show up and work so hard because working every day helps them stay connected to what life used to be like. 

Despite daily life being a struggle, one of our valued team members, Roman, takes his free time and weekends to volunteer for his country and his fellow patriots. He has been volunteering for over 5 years now but just recently launched his own organization called “Donator”. The purpose of this organization is to gather supplies for soldiers on the front lines, as well as supply hospitals with much needed medical supplies. 

“We are a group of ambitious people who provide volunteer help. We have been doing this for 5 years using our own funds and spare time. But nowadays, due to increase in demand, we are forced to acquire public donations,” says Redeam employee, and Donator founder, Roman Avdieiev. “We don’t receive salaries from accumulated funds. We do reporting, purchases, and logistics by ourselves. Every donation is a significant help.”

If you would like to donate to Roman and “Donator”, please reach out to, subject line: Donator or visit *



*There is a $45 fee for all donations made through