Redeam’s Reseller Portal: Disney’s Preferred Solution for Ticket Wholesalers

Redeam, Inc., an agnostic connectivity provider in the Attractions, Live Events, and Experiences sector of the Travel Industry, has launched its Reseller Portal.

The Reseller Portal is designed to create efficiencies for ticket wholesalers (resellers), providing electronic bookings for their customers and seamless reservation delivery. The Portal was built for non-API connected wholesalers to complement Redeam’s existing API, providing a solution for any wholesaler needing to purchase tickets to the world’s most popular attractions.  As an added bonus, this portal allows access to any of Redeam’s connected operators with whom they hold a contract.   This eliminates all the manual processes in place today!

Redeam is excited to have The Walt Disney Company as the launch partner for the Reseller Portal, making Redeam Disney’s preferred solution for its ticket wholesalers. Likewise, the portal can be used by Disney package sellers for “ticketing only”.  

“We are excited to launch our Reseller Portal with an industry leading partner like Disney,” says Melanie Meador, CEO at Redeam, “We will be allowing Disney ticket wholesalers to transact in real time! It’s simply one more product that Redeam offers to help digitize the ‘Things to Do’ ecosystem, making it easier for consumers to book incredible experiences.” 

 The Reseller Portal, seeks to solve these top 3 issues that all ticket wholesalers face:

  • Ticket wholesalers who don’t have an online tool and have negotiated contracts with attractions have to manually process ticket sales.
    • Existing Alternative (problem): Suppliers maintain manual processes.
    • Redeam’s Reseller Portal (solution): a portal that supports multiple suppliers for ticket wholesalers to book negotiated rates.
  • Suppliers must maintain costly, manual processes with offline ticket wholesalers.
    • Existing Alternative (problem): Resellers reduce the number of suppliers they negotiate with.
    • Redeam’s Reseller Portal (solution): Suppliers manage these wholesalers just like an  API connected wholesaler allowing them to contract with any number without increasing overhead.
  • Pricing and availability updates are not applied in a timely manner with offline ticket wholesalers causing loss of money and overselling.
    • Existing Alternative (problem): Resellers work with individual booking portals per supplier or buy tickets at a static, potentially non-competitive rate or reduced inventory.
    • Redeam’s Reseller Portal (solution): Ticket wholesalers manage all their pricing through the portal, taking real-time pricing updates.

Redeam’s mission is to digitize the Things To Do market.  The Reseller Portal allows any reseller to do business electronically, not only improving their supplier relationships but also providing their guests a much better experience.,” says Rachel Neal, Vice President of Strategic Business Operations. “We hope to see the Reseller Portal become a normal, everyday part of both our operator and reseller customers’ lives.  We already have exciting additional functionality planned for the near future.  Our end goal is to build a tool that fits naturally into the operational processes of all parties and quickly becomes indispensable.”



If you are a ticket wholesaler and you’re interested in Redeam’s Reseller Portal, please reach out to us at If you are a Disney ticket wholesaler, please email