ipw 2019 travel trade show redeam

Redeam Felt Like the Belle of the Ball at IPW 2019 Travel Trade Show

Earlier this month, our team from Redeam attended the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow-Wow (now just known as IPW) inbound travel trade show. It showcases America’s travel destinations to over 70 countries’ representatives and drives a projected $5.5 billion in future travel revenue to the United States. 

IPW was an excellent show overall and also for Redeam. People would stop us in the hall to talk (“I hear you’re from Redeam – we need to talk!”) or sought us out (“Five people from different companies here recommended you.”) My favorite story came from one of our newer customers who was at a restaurant for lunch when four people from the show walked in that he didn’t know. He overheard them talking about Redeam. The person doing the talking turned out to be the CEO of several big attractions and he was telling the others about Redeam! There’s no better feeling than when your customers are doing your marketing and advertising for you for free!

We have built a name for ourselves, and we’re so grateful to our existing operator customers, reseller and channel partners, and ticketing system allies who are all recommending us in a big way – THANK YOU!! Our team had over 100 meetings in just three days (!), ranging from resellers and ticketing systems partners to operators like professional football, baseball and basketball sports teams, large concert venue sellers, large theme parks, major tourist attractions, museums, cultural centers, zoos, and boat tour companies. One of our new hires who attended reacted with a post-show note saying, “Thank you for helping to craft a solid, positive reputation for Redeam among the travel industry. This was very apparent at IPW and will really help us long term.” 

I came away from IPW thrilled and excited. Redeam really felt like the belle of the ball! If you were there and didn’t get to meet with us (or if you weren’t able to attend, but you’re interested in meeting with us), please reach out to us to set up a me eting!