Positivity & Possibilities

A curated list of Activities, Attractions, and Experiences continuing and encouraging guest engagement during lock-down and shut-in times

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs, experience entities like tours, activities, and attractions struggled to find their way. When your entire business model revolves around people coming to your destination, most operators are unprepared for times of zero visitors. As the duration and severity of these conditions took hold, however, experience operators realized they needed to find ways to reach and engage their audiences virtually. Some just developed ways to one-way interactive; others found ways to generate two-way interactivity; and others came up with new ways to drive revenue.

We here at Redeam have been following and highlighting different examples of these kinds of “new normal” activities. Here’s a list of a few we found.

Cruise The Zoo: Visit the Phoenix Zoo from inside your car

The Phoenix Zoo is transforming itself into a drive-thru attraction — at least temporarily — as a way to let people experience the zoo in a new way, but also to help raise funds needed to support the zoo and the animals.


Adventure Aquarium: Museum at Home

Lots of fun activities for kids to download from.


Tours from Home, by Walks

Walking tour company Walks launched a creative, revenue-generating solution during the pandemic: “Tours From Home.” For only $10 per tour, you can have an entire tour experience from the comfort of your home. Walks has recently added a “Spotlight Series,” too — unique, limited-time-only experiences “covering topical, provocative, & fascinating subjects not generally covered on existing Walks tours.”


Museum of Flight: Museum at Home

Virtual tours with the Curator, 3D explorations, podcasts, flight facts, STEM family activities and more.


Royal Academy of Music: #RAMplaysON

A wealth of creative musical projects taking place and shared including musical recordings, live concerts, vocal teachings and more.


Culinary Adventure Co.: FOOD TOURS IN A BOX™

The Food Tours in a Box™ Series is the perfect way to taste and enjoy our award-winning Food Tours in this unique time. Featuring a different Food Tour in a Box™ each week – so make sure to order one each week! Thanks for your support.


Black Country Living Museum: History @ Home

No school? No problem! You can learn all about Black Country history right from the comfort of your own home.


Victoria Art Gallery: Learning for Life

During the COVID-19 emergency Victoria Art Gallery is offering ‘Learning for Life’ online for all. Discover more about the world of art and get creative. It’s great for home schoolers too!