Meet The Javis: Profiling Two Members of Redeam’s Customer Success Team

Here at Redeam we pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce. We are led by a female CEO and have a substantial (38%) female contingency in our workforce, particularly for a technology company. We also have a larger than usual percentage of age 40+ workers (36%). And we have a global workforce (28% outside the U.S.), with representation in nearly every department of the company. Today you’re going to meet two of our global team members, “the two Javis,” as we sometimes call them. Their first names are both Javier, they both live in Spain, they both have had a career working in the travel industry, and they both work in our Customer Success department. Though the two Javis actually knew each other before coming to work at Redeam, it was a surprise and coincidence that they ended up working together here in the same department at the same time. And, as you’d expect from people who work in Customer Success, they’re both extremely upbeat and personable. So let’s get onto introducing you the two Javis!

Redeam:  You’re both Customer Success Analysts — Please tell us what that job is and what you do for Redeam customers on a day-to-day basis?

Javier Munoz (Javi M):  In addition to providing basic technical assistance in some specific points of their connections with Redeam, we try to make communication with our ecosystem partners – our operators, resellers, and res-tech systems — as fluid as possible, while at the same time acting as a communication bridge between them and our technical team. Our mission here is to try to make the work of the tech team and all the businesses we serve easier.

Javier Velez (Javi V):  Our first mission is to act as our customers’ main point of contact. We provide them with the support they need (sometimes with the help of other teams within Redeam), and we try to give them the best solution to their needs. We act as a tether between the client and Redeam, not only providing them technical support but also personal assistance.


Redeam:  Redeam serves customers all over the world, and you two are both in different parts of the world — How do you think that helps Redeam and how does it feel to work across so many different time zones all in a single day?

Javi M:  I must admit that sometimes I get confused with so many different time zones, but I think the most positive thing for Redeam is that when most of the team starts their day, we have already processed information to advance the work to other departments, responded to some partners in their doubts or issues, and in this way Redeam can cover more daily hours.

Javi V:  In my opinion, the best thing about having people all over the world is that you can provide the clients with support almost 24 hours a day. Sometimes, it’s frustrating to be on the other side of the world because you think you will not have enough time to get everything done with a client before leaving or joining a meeting with them. But honestly, and speaking from my experience, I found it really positive, not only for Redeam but also for the clients.


Redeam:  You both have deep travel industry experience — What drew you to your current role at Redeam?

Javi M:  In my case, due to the current pandemic, my small accommodation company suffered a strong impact. At the same time, this gave me the opportunity to rethink my work and personal life, understanding that I needed a new adventure and that I could develop it from anywhere in the world. I had worked with different channel managers in the hotel industry as a customer, and the technical aspects always caught my attention. Now I am lucky to be on the other side where each day is a new learning lesson. I don’t feel comfortable in a place where every day is not a challenge, and I am very grateful for this opportunity that Redeam has given me.

Javi V:  To be honest, I was in need of a change. Although I did not start looking for a different job, it was in my mind. I had heard about Redeam, and I was curious about their activity. I found it interesting because Redeam is working with some important key partners like Google, and I told to myself, Why not?  I truly think it is the best decision I ever made. Redeam challenges me to learn new things every day, which is what I like to be doing. I get to speak with people from different departments, different companies, and more. I need to thank Redeam for the opportunity of being part of this amazing team.


Redeam:  What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far working here at Redeam?

Javi M:  Without any doubt, I realized that up to this point what I knew about connections and integrations was only the tip of the iceberg. To deliver the solution that we do requires huge development behind the scenes. Oh! And the most important thing: that you can appreciate your colleagues even without knowing them personally.

Javi V: That we can do everything we want if we’re willing to learn how to do it. What I like at Redeam the most is that there are no boundaries, there are no silos. Although we work on a different team, there’s always someone who is willing to explain to you how a “JSON” works or how to read a “code” or “how to document a client operative.” I have learned a lot of things already, but there is a lot more to discover, and I am excited about that.


Redeam:  How did you know each other before joining Redeam, and were you surprised to be working with another Javi in the same role at the same company?

Javi M:  We knew each other through a common contact, and it has certainly been a good surprise to work with him. He is a great partner and huge support inside the company.

Javi V:  Our common contact is one of my best friends who I know from my previous company. It was a great surprise and always a pleasure to work be working with Javi M. He is always willing to help, which makes things really easy!


Redeam:  What is your favorite kind of activity when you travel?

Javi M:  Well, in my case, I don’t know if it is considered an activity, but I don’t understand traveling to a new place without trying to do a cultural immersion. Sitting in a small local bar and having a coffee is my favorite activity, and if I can have a conversation with someone local it becomes a supreme experience.

Javi V:  Traveling enriches the heart, and in my opinion, it helps you improve and be better. I like to visit the most iconic places in a city and my best activity, if we can call it like this, is to ask local people for things and places that foreign people don’t know and that are not shown on the internet and visit these unknown places.

Thank you Both for sharing some of your Redeam experiences and personal perspectives with us! We hope everyone working with Redeam gets to know you two Javis as well!

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