Meet Redeam’s Customer Success Dream Team

Redeam’s Customer Success Team, left to right: Kim Gordon, Alec Windle, JoEllen Wilkey, Monica Marics, Russ Crawford, and Bronwen Gazzard

The Customer Success Team ensures Redeam’s customers and partners receive exceptional support and service. The team brings new operators and resellers into the Redeam family of products, enables new product and voucher inventory, assists with Channel Management integration, deploys and manages handheld voucher redemption devices, processes voucher redemption and scan reporting, and addresses helpdesk and customer support calls. Combined, Redeam’s Customer Success team has more than 100 years of relevant service experience. 

Meet Redeam’s Customer Success Dream Team

Monica Marics, Head of Customer Success – Monica oversees Redeam’s best-in-class customer service and account management, innovating customer and technical solutions, and optimizing speed-to-market. With over 20 years’ experience in large and small SaaS companies, she brings extensive executive experience blending business operations and general management skills with engineering, product management, and strategic relationship development knowledge. Monica has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech with a focus on Human Computer Interface and a B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering from University of Michigan. A long-time Boulder resident, Monica works from Redeam’s headquarters’ office there.

Alec Windle, Senior Account Manager – Alec manages our ongoing operator customer relationships for both Redeam Redemption and Channel Management services. Deeply connected in the industry, he works with hundreds of Operators and Resellers to make sure ticket sales and redemption is a smooth process for the traveler. Alec has a degree in Hospitality Management and has 10 years’ experience running tour operations in New York and New Orleans. He is located in the Boulder headquarters office.  

Bronwen Gazzard, Customer Success Specialist – As part of Redeam’s South Africa office, Bronwen provides behind-the-scenes voucher scanning and redemption services time-shifted from North American business hours so that the processing has been completed by our next business day. Bronwen is skilled at digging deep into problems to find appropriate solutions, and her work with Redeam has ignited her pursuit of a business degree.

JoEllen Wilkey, Senior Account Manager – JoEllen is responsible for onboarding new partners to Redeam Channel Management services. She works with resellers, ticketing and reservations systems, and operators to bring them live on the Channel Management API infrastructure. JoEllen has over a decade of experience in technology adoption for the hotel industry and works from a Florida office.

Kim Gordon, Customer Success Specialist – A part of Redeam’s South African team, Kim provides voucher scanning and redemption services. During her long tenure with Redeam, she has advanced from simple redemptions processing to perform more detailed investigations and troubleshooting. Kim’s work ethic and dedication to accuracy is invaluable to the Redeam’s customer success.

Russ Crawford, Customer Service Specialist – Russ is responsible for the Redeam Helpdesk and customer service issues. He manages the inventory of over 680 hand-held Redeam redemption devices, sets up and trains new Redemptions customers, and troubleshoots scanning issues. Russ has over 20 years in technical customer support with an emphasis in databases, and is located in our Boulder headquarters.

What Makes the Customer Success Team Great

Customer Success is a core value for Redeam – it’s at the heart of our business. The Customer Success Team works tirelessly in bringing customers live, investigating and resolving issues, growing the business, and creating novel solutions for our customers! We bring phenomenal energy to our every day because we’re passionate about the tours, activities, and attractions industry and because we truly believe in being Front and Center in supporting one another in addition to our customers.

“You guys are great. Customer service very responsive – we usually hear back within an hour or less. You keep my box office happy, my reporting accurate, and I’m happy.”

~ Jason Sullivan, Senior Manager – Groups & Tourism, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum