INFOGRAPHIC: Timeline of Google’s Advances in Travel

Google may be best known as a search engine but if you stop to think of all of its digital and hardware offerings — from the Chrome browser to Android phones to Google Apps and Maps — it’s clear why the company is such a huge global leader in technology. Over the course of time, Google has made in-roads into travel. For travel industry businesses, these advancements, at first innocuous, have lately been capturing a lot of attention as Google has ramped-up its deliberate efforts in travel.

Redeam has created a visual timeline of Google’s advance into travel, tracking its progress from mapping and imaging all of Earth, to its creation of a “travel hub” that will continue to compete with OTAs, and all of ways that Google has taken advantage of its huge audience and trending mobile behaviors to seamlessly retain and serve users within the Google environment.

The impact of these advancements on the tours, activities, and attractions industry cannot be ignored. Most significantly for our sector, Google has begun to offer the ability to book tickets directly within Google. If  you’re unfamiliar with Reserve with Google and Google My Business, please learn more and download Redeam’s free primer now.

We encourage you to view Redeam’s complete Timeline of Google’s Advances in Travel here.