[INFOGRAPHIC] The History of Attraction & Experience Ticketing: Technology, Selling, Redemption and Reconciliation

Digital ticketing for attractions and experiences is such a new phenomenon that most people still think of paper ticketing when it comes to these kinds of activities. Paper ticketing dominated activities for centuries — a format that’s been a last hold-out in our modern electronic age. And yet, consumers are already used to entering planes using mobile boarding passes and movie theaters with mobile app tickets. It’s only appropriate that the still-analog world of Things To Do begin to migrate to digital solutions as well, especially now that the desire for a more touchless experience is here.

Redeam assembled this visual history and infographic depicting the evolution of ticketing, following its technology (from handwritten paper tickets to today’s biometric and facial recognition entry validation) and the selling (direct and indirect by travel agents, OTAs, concierges, other third-party resellers, GDSs, and more) to redemption and reconciliation of these tickets by the attraction and experience operators who’ve provided the supply.