Industry News Roundup, March 2020

The coronavirus isn’t the only latest thing shaking-up our industry. Over the past three months there’s been plenty to keep us all on our toes:

  • On the heels of top leadership resignations at Expedia in December, with Chairman Barry Diller taking over the reigns, substantial layoffs have also now been announced.
  • Also in December, announced it will be pulling back on Experiences (read more on Arival). In its recent corporate earnings call last week, Tourpreneur Daily Brief’s Shane Whaley reports there was no mention of Experiences at all, and other news sources reported that it will be undergoing cost-cutting moves.
  • Operators have been all a-chatter about recent policy, pricing, and personnel changes at TripAdvisor and the companies that it owns (namely Viator and Bokun). This on the heels of layoffs it announced in January.
  • Led by Expedia, the travel industry has formed a diversity and inclusion sub-group of CEO Action!, a national movement and pledge to support diversity and inclusion. Redeam’s CEO Melanie Meador was invited and agreed to participate.