Honoring the Women of Redeam

Today, Sunday, March 8, 2020, is International Women’s Day. The objective of this day is to celebrate women’s achievements while also calling attention to gender biases that particularly hinder the advancement of women.  The IWD website raises issues such as workplace inequalities, biases in compensation earnings, and championing women forging technology innovation.

As a technology company led by a woman, all of the IWD issues resonate strongly with the women of Redeam. To help do our part, Redeam would like to celebrate its women, today and every day. Redeam is proud of all its women. Women make up nearly half of all of Redeam’s workforce (45.2% to be precise), filling a wide variety of roles: 

  • CEO
  • Executive Administrator
  • Principal Software QA Engineer
  • Customer Success Engineer
  • Customer Success Senior Account Managers and Specialists
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Marketing & PR

Redeam feels like a company that’s led by a woman: It’s an inclusive company; its culture fosters camaraderie, encouragement of each other, and collaboration; it allows for work flexibility in time and location; and high performance expectations are tempered with fun and a playful spirit. It’s one thing for companies to pay lip service to these attributes, but what’s perhaps the most powerful reinforcement of Redeam’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace is to see a woman leading the company.

“Having a woman lead our company creates an environment where diverse perspectives and opinions are appreciated and encouraged,” expressed Redeam’s Product Manager Amy Franklin. “Melanie is able to balance being tough and results-driven with being approachable and fun. Her commitment to workplace flexibility is paramount in women being able to balance career and family life.”

Redeam isn’t just a company that values its women — it values equality across the spectrum, and its hiring practices reflect that. Redeam’s workforce includes people of color, of different nationalities, of varying ages and sexual orientations. It’s clear to everyone that what matters at Redeam is that we all respect and support one another equally, working hard towards a common goal. That some of us are women just happens to be a fact, not an obstacle.

“At Redeam I’ve had the opportunity to work with some phenomenal women and men who have refused to see my womanhood as a disadvantage and continued to push me, teach me, and allow me to grow into the professional I know I am capable of becoming, regardless of my gender,” shared Sales Coordinator Amber Smokowski.

“Today I would like to acknowledge all the women of Redeam and their accomplishments,” says CEO Melanie Meador. “Thank you Aylannah, Bronwen, Ashlie, Virginia, Kathy, Jo, Amy, Kim, Hollis, Amber, and Megan for being such a big part of our Redeam Team! Let’s all continue to lead the way for women in technology and be role models for women worldwide. Continue to hold me accountable for these goals. I’m so proud of all of us. It’s my true privilege to serve you.”