From Introduction to Implementation in Three Weeks: A Remarkable Journey

In today’s fast-paced “Things to Do” industry, the ability to connect time-sensitive one-off events swiftly and efficiently to grow their sales is often the key to success. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Redeam’s recent journey with Bucket Listers and Family Entertainment Live’s live event, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Glow Party, where we achieved the remarkable feat of completing the entire project lifecycle from introduction to implementation in just three weeks.

Now, let’s break down the key milestones that made this rapid connection possible: 

  •   Introduction to Contract Signing 

 The initial introductions and discussions led to swift decision-making, and within days, Redeam had the contract signed and sealed. This rapid contracting phase set the tone for the entire project, and allowed us to start the onboarding process earlier.


  •   All Onboarding Activity Including Data Loading Within the Ticketing System and Online Distribution Channel Took Place in One Week

 During the contracting process, Redeam jumped right into action. The onboarding process, typically a time-consuming phase, was streamlined to perfection. In just one week, all onboarding activities, including the intricate task of loading data into the Ticketing System and building content within the Online Distribution Channel system, were successfully completed. This remarkable speed was achieved through highly engaged team members on all sides, lightning fast responses to questions and the dedication of all team members.  All parties were aligned on priority and goals so everyone was working from the same playbook.

Brett Pegler, Vice President, Marketing at Family Entertainment Live said, “The attentiveness and ability of all parties involved to spring into action was greatly appreciated and provided immediate results to the success of the show. This wouldn’t have been possible, without everyone’s willingness to make this a top priority.”


  •   The Data Structure Was Straightforward

One of the factors that contributed significantly to Redeam’s rapid progress was the straightforward nature of the Operator’s data structure. With a clear and uncomplicated framework, Redeam avoided the complexities that can often slow down projects. This simplicity allowed Redeam to focus on execution and minimize potential roadblocks.


  • Best Practices were Followed

 Utilizing best practices outlined by both Ticketmaster and Redeam, communicated early in the process, all parties were quickly able to see the data and make any changes necessary.

Cooperation and alignment with external partners were crucial. Thankfully, Family Entertainment Live understood the importance of adhering to the recommended format. Their cooperation ensured that there were no unexpected delays or complications in the project. This partnership exemplified the value of clear communication and shared commitment to success.


In conclusion, this remarkable journey from introduction to implementation is a testament to the power of efficient project management, clear communication, and collaboration. From the initial contract signing to the seamless onboarding process, every aspect of the project was carefully orchestrated to maximize efficiency.

 This achievement not only showcases what can be accomplished with the right team and approach but also serves as an inspiration for others looking to tackle ambitious projects. When everyone is aligned, processes are optimized, and external partners are on board, even the most challenging timelines become achievable. 

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