Did You Know? A Series Highlighting What Redeam Can Do for Your Business

Just like most good things in life, a lot happens behind the scenes. Redeam is not unique in this way. Our team is constantly working behind the scenes to make the lives of our customers easier because when they win, we win!

Our team at Redeam has created Best Available Grouping logic to transform date/seat-based data into general section level data so resellers can sell live events without seat maps. Live Events such as residency shows, sporting events, theater performances and even some traveling concerts/shows are now available through the same data model as attractions, tours and activities. This gives the Reseller ability to sell Live Events without coding and grouping event level data and/or supporting seat maps/seat selection. The Live Event data is converted into a data model supported by the Tours and Attractions market so your consumers can get the Best Available seats in the section that they want. Sections are represented the same way a product or product/option would be presented in the traditional model. In the future, you will have access to all supply, outside of Ticketmaster, that fits the same data model. A single connection for global live events supply.

So what does all that mean? That means Resellers who previously could not sell seated events can now sell them without developing a seat map. Whether you are manually managing these today or you haven’t even started because of the effort needed for seat maps, we have a solution for you. Through our Reseller API or through our Reseller Portal you can book customers like Orlando Magic, Caesars Entertainment, Madison Square Gardens and more. Optimize existing processes or experiment with what your consumers will want, implementing this solution through Redeam is so simple and low-effort, there’s no way you can’t win.

“Redeam’s goal is to open the Live Events market to the Tourism market,” says Rachel Neal, Chief Product Officer at Redeam. “Consumers want to know everything that they can do in a city, not just tours and attractions. Redeam can be your one stop shop for ALL Things To Do.”

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