Customer Success Spotlight: Meet Our Dream Team

Redeam’s Customer Success Dream Team is comprised of (left to right): Jo Wilkey, Rachel Neal, Megan Krase


The Customer Success Team ensures Redeam’s customers and partners receive exceptional support and service.  The team brings new operators and resellers into the Redeam family of products, enables new product and voucher inventory, assists with Channel Management integration, onboards and manages access to the Redeam redemption web application, processes voucher redemption and scan reporting, and addresses helpdesk and customer support calls. Combined, Redeam’s Customer Success team has more than 100 years of relevant service experience. 


Meet Redeam’s Customer Success Dream Team

Rachel Neal, Vice President, Strategic Business Operations – Among her other responsibilities at the company, Rachel oversees Redeam’s best-in-class customer service and account management, defining innovative customer and technical solutions, and optimizing speed-to-market. Rachel is a 20+ travel technology veteran skilled in Product Management & Strategy, Operations, Sales, and Customer Success. She has held senior positions at some of the best-known brands across the travel and hospitality industry, building out two operations, product, and client support organizations from the startup phase to fully functioning, profitable established companies that supported thousands of clients. She is passionate about working with clients, bridging the gap between customer/industry needs and technology that can efficiently and intuitively meet those needs. A published subject matter expert and presenter, Rachel has been a long-time active member of such industry organizations as HEDNA, HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation), and OpenTravel Alliance.

Jo Wilkey, Partner Integration Manager – Jo is responsible for onboarding new partners to Redeam Channel Management services. She works with resellers, ticketing and reservations systems, and operators to bring them live on the Channel Management API infrastructure. Jo’s outstanding troubleshooting, research and documentation skills ensure that from the beginning each customer is set up for success with Redeam. Jo has over a decade of experience in technology adoption for the hotel industry and has already implemented hundreds of successful partners into the Redeam system over the last year. Jo enjoys the beach and the sunshine as she works from her Florida office.

Megan Krase, Customer Success Manager – Megan comes from the online and digital media industry with 15 years of experience in customer relations and sales support, business development, product management, and operations. Megan joined Redeam as part of the Product Management team and moved over to Customer Success in January 2020. In her new role, Megan supports customers and guests with any updates, troubleshooting and questions. Her passion for best-in-class customer service means that no one ever waits long to get a resolution. Megan has a B.A. in Business Administration from St. Norbert College in Wisconsin.


What Makes the Customer Success Team Great

Customer Success — “Being relentlessly customer-centric” — is one of Redeam’s seven core values. It’s at the heart of our business. The Customer Success Team works tirelessly in bringing all members of our ecosystem up online, investigating and resolving issues, growing the business, and creating novel solutions for our customers. We bring phenomenal energy to our every day because we’re passionate about the tours, activities, and attractions industry and because we truly believe in being Front and Center (another of our core values) in supporting one another in addition to our customers.