AttractionPros Podcast

AttractionPros Podcast: The Importance of a Distribution Strategy in a Post-COVID World, featuring Redeam CEO Melanie Meador

AttractionPros, the podcast that interviews the top leaders, executives, and influencers in the attractions industry, brings a vast array of industry perspectives to its listeners. This week, its podcast featured Redeam CEO Melanie Meador who discussed how a distribution strategy matters more now than ever as attractions and experiences emerge from pandemic constraints and look to recover for this summer’s busy season.

In this interview, Melanie discusses:

  • The need for paperless admission validation and redemption by guests and attractions alike;
  • How digitized, contactless connectivity now makes this possible and needs to be more widespread adopted to meet the demands of the modern, instant gratification-expecting consumer (who is also now more leery about having to touch anything);
  • How, through many connected APIs between ticketing systems and third party resellers, distribution strategies can be managed and controlled by operators vis-à-vis a centralized platform called a channel manager;
  • That this summer may still be limited in terms of international travel, but we can expect plenty of local and regional action, so that’s how attractions should plan their distribution strategy.

Listen to Melanie’s interview on AttractionsPros’s podcast page now >>>