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Arival Conferences and Arival Events: What’s Coming Up

Arival Conferences and Arival Events

Arival, creator of events, insights, and community for the in-destination tours, activities, attractions, and experiences industry, has a number of upcoming conferences and events. The most imminent is billed as “Arival @ TIS 2021,” a mini conference within the larger Tourism Innovation Summit conference – the “vertical program” within TIS which is focused exclusively on tours, activities, attractions, and experiences. Arival @ TIS 2021 is scheduled to take place from November 10th – 12th in the same Seville, Spain location as the larger TIS conference:  FIBES – Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, Av. Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1 41020 Sevilla, Spain.


November 10-12, 2021


Seville, Spain

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Arival Conferences and Arival Events
Arival @ TIS 2021 Overview

At Arival @ TIS 2021, Arival will be providing insights derived from its proprietary research on traveler trends and the impacts on operators of tours, activities, attractions, and experiences. Their goal is to deliver the right kind of knowledge that operators need to know about the “reason people travel” and how to take advantage of this for business growth and management. Arival will be welcoming to its stage industry executives and small operators alike who will be talking about how technology is changing everything, from planning and buying to ticketing and experiencing, and the accelerated impact COVID has had on tech innovation and application. No doubt the sessions on technology will discussion the digitization of our sector as it migrates to more online selling, including the use of OTAs and other distribution channels, and how operators can manage these third-party resellers (this is where Redeam’s solutions come in).

Arival Co-Founder and CEO Douglas Quinby will be leading the three-day agenda, taking attendees through Arival research and insights gleaned, setting the stage for forum discussions, and facilitating Q&A sessions with key leaders. More about the Arival @ TIS 2021 Agenda here.


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