What Redeam Can Do for Resellers (bw test)

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What Redeam Can Do for Ticketing and Reservation Systems

Channel Management 

  • Benefits of one to many connections without losing any control
  • Reach multiple resellers with a single connection
  • Maintain full control over products, pricing and inventory
  • Invest in feature development instead of connections
  • Remove maintenance cost with ongoing connections

Touchless Redemption

  • Single format of scannable barcodes
  • Easy to use web-based scanning and redemption
  • Reduce fraudulent tickets

Reseller Portal (coming soon)

  • Give your operators a way to remove all manual ticketing processes
  • Gain more insight into guests and sales by booking offline resellers through your ticketing systems

Redeam Central (coming soon)

  • Utilize functionality to complement your system
  • Channel controls 
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Content
  • Visibility into what your data looks like in the Redeam system