Voucher Processing

Redeam makes it seamless to work
electronically with your existing resellers

Our technology will allow you to instantly accept, verify and admit tickets from every reseller while keeping your current ticketing and/or POS system in place.

Instant Barcode Scanning

Redeam provides you with technology that works with any mobile device and can integrate directly with your existing ticketing or reservation system.

Scan Barcodes Electronically

Every barcode is electronically scanned, validating a legitimate ticket, and instantly showing up in Redeam’s reporting & reconciliation portal for easy end-of-day reporting and accounting.

Easy Reporting & Reconciliation

End-of-day and end-of-month reports at the click of a button. No more counting stacks of paper.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Because your voucher process is now electronic, Redeam enables you to dramatically increase the number of resellers you work with.

Redeam makes it easy to connect your
attraction with your reseller partners

Add Resellers

Working with new resellers is a snap. Sign your commercial agreement with the reseller as you normally would. Configure the new agreement in Redeam’s portal to start scanning their vouchers.

Add Products

Configure the products you wish to distribute through Resellers in Redeam’s portal.

Time to relax

Once everything is configured, Redeam’s voucher processing will take care of the rest.

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David Filipiak

Director of Sales National Geographic Encounter

Our success simply would not be possible without Redeam!