Redeam for Sales Teams

Be The Future


For sales teams, it’s all about positioning your attraction at the front of the pack. That means getting seen. Redeam helps maximize your attraction’s visibility across the globe, translating into a wider audience and improved sales figures.


In the Tours & Activities world, the future is digital.

Reach More People


Increase your audience, and your sales will follow. It’s simple mathematics. That’s why we’ve created a system that makes working with 300 resellers as easy as working with just one.


Our system gives you the opportunity to connect with new resellers around the world with no additional cost. They’ll all work through the same system. That means reaching entirely new markets with minimal expenditure. What’s not to love?

Build a Positive Reputation


Paperless ticketing isn’t just more convenient. It’s greener, too. Redeam can help you make the shift to being an entirely paperless business, improving your green credentials dramatically. This is a home run for brand-boosting.

See Clearer Data


See clearer data Unified reports from all your resellers make it easier to read trends in your ticket sales. This helps you make forecasts for coming seasons, and allocate your marketing budget accordingly.