Get More Bookings with Groupon through Redeam!
New Groupon Offers for Activities & Attractions


You may be familiar with their name, but did you know that Groupon is also the world’s largest experiences marketplace?!

Redeam’s partner integration with Groupon now gives tour, attraction, and activity merchants the ability to sell digitized, gate-ready tickets on Groupon. Your customers will be able to choose their desired date/time at the time of purchase. The customer redemption process becomes seamless and eliminates the need for paper voucher and code management, a time and cost savings for you, and an improved experience for your guests.

Why You Should Leverage Groupon Through Redeam

  1. Sell digitized, gate-ready tickets. With Redeam’s API integration, your customers can select their date and time at the time of purchase. You no longer have paper vouchers to manage, and you can decrease customer touch points.
  2. Eliminate useless steps in the purchase process. You no longer have to send your customers a list of directions and extra steps to follow in order to fulfill their booking. Once they buy on Groupon, they are ready to enjoy your tour offering.
  3. Groupon is no longer a short-term deals platform! They are a full-service marketplace and want to work hand-in-hand with you to offer your products throughout the year with a blend of market rate and short-term promotions to drive demand.
  4. Groupon’s subscriber base is HUGE! With over 38M global active customers which pumped more than $20 billion into local businesses, your opportunity for new customers is vast. (source: Groupon Public Fact Sheet Q2 2020
  5. The average Groupon spend on Things to Do inventory is $38. That’s a healthy price point and should instill confidence that not all products sold via their marketplace are “low-price.” In fact, in NYC alone there are over 40K offers priced at $70+! (source: Groupon internal data)
  6. Groupon “Things to Do” markets products for three important segments of travel. Activities that customers participate in (like bowling or escape rooms), attractions that customers visit (like zoos and museums), and tours that customers take (like cruises and hop on/off buses). (source: Groupon internal data)
      • Activities = 80% local vs 20% travel
      • Attractions = 60% local vs 40% travel
      • Tours = 30% local vs 70% travel

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