For General Managers

Redeam helps you with the things
attractions really care about.

Increased Sales

We’ll give you the tools to increase your ticket sales, without increasing overhead. We do this by making it easier to connect with new resellers, reaching more customers in new parts of the world.

By working within a single source of truth, be that your ticketing system or Redeam, you can identify where your business is coming from and optimize your distribution strategy.

Happier Customers

By providing your gate-readable barcodes through all resellers, you’ll know who is coming and your guests will have a more seamless experience upon arrival.

This means less fraudulent tickets, more repeat business, and better reviews.

More Accurate Reporting

Having all your reservations centralized and electronically validated, the reporting and reconciliation process is streamlined.

Back office processes can be optimized and front of house staff training simplified.

This means settling with resellers at the end of the month is easier.

The effect Redeam has on your business.

Without Redeam

  • Stacks of paperwork
  • Different barcodes for each different reseller
  • Long and expensive reconciliation process
  • Slow and confusing admissions

With Redeam

  • Centralized reports
  • Better sales data
  • Improved reconciliation
  • Streamlined admissions process

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