Bosses Expect Results

Redeam is more than just a new way to do ticketing. It’s a means to an end, bringing about real, meaningful change for your business.

Here’s what Redeam can offer you…

  • Increased Sales
  • Happier Customers
  • Reduced Costs

Redeam helps you with the things
attractions really care about.

Increased Sales

We’ll give you the tools to massively increase your ticket sales, without increasing overheads. We do this by making it easier to connect with new resellers, reaching more customers in new parts of the world.

You’ll also see more accurate reports on third-party sales, helping you identify your most profitable channels, and adjust strategies accordingly.

Happier Customers

It’s easier than ever for customers to purchase tickets. And once they arrive, our ticketing system means less time waiting in line.

This puts a smile on your customers’ faces, meaning more repeat business, and better reviews.

One Click Invoicing

A single, unified report on third-party vouchers makes reconciliation a thing of the past, streamlining backroom processes.

Redeam removes the need for special verification of resellers’ vouchers. This means less staff training and a reduced risk of fraud, and all the costs that come with it.


The effect Redeam has on your business.

How They Do It

  • Stacks of crumpled paperwork
  • Different barcodes for each different reseller
  • Long and expensive reconciliation process
  • Slow and confusing admissions

How We Do It

  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Better sales data
  • No more reconciliation
  • Streamlined admissions process


Redeam gives you the edge on the
competition and changes the way you work.

David Filipiak

Director of Sales National Geographic Encounter

Our success simply would not be possible without Redeam!

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