Let’s start with Rule #1 for everyone:  HAVE FUN!! Tour Guide Throwdown™ was designed to be an exciting diversion to what might be otherwise monotonous, sub-optimal times. It’s going to be all about energy, entertainment, and great performances. So let’s all go into this event with high spirits and competitive camaraderie!

tour guide throwdown contest



  1. Contestants must complete all required components of the initial application to move on in the Tour Guide Throwdown. All applicants agree to receive marketing communications from Redeam and its co-marketing partners.
  2. All approved contestants will then move forward to the Qualifying Round. In order to be considered Qualified, contestants will be required to submit a video recording of their “tour guide throwdown” for preliminary judging. The “tour guide throwdown” should be delivered in English. If the guide normally delivers a language other than English, they may record a second version in that language for judging consideration as well. This/these video recording/s becomes the property of Redeam, Inc. to utilize for event and other marketing purposes. Preliminary judging will not be part of the live Tour Guide Throwdown event. What you need to know about your audition video:
    1. Due Date: Videos must be submitted/uploaded no later than Thursday, August 6, 2020 (videos submitted past this date will be disqualified). Click here to upload your video. Videos will not be accepted if you have not completed your contestant application.
    2. Video Content: What you record should be what you would pitch LIVE the day of the event. This means, present your best self, talents, and tour guide skills!! So frame-up your best shot, practice, and hit record when you’re ready to present your prize-winning tour guide performance!
    3. Video Length: No more than 2 minutes. Remember, this is a condensed version of your tour. YOU choose what you want to present and how you want to present it. Videos that are longer than 2 minutes will be disqualified, so practice (because there’s no editing or splicing on a live performance!). It’ll make you perfect!
    4. Video Language: The “tour guide throwdown” audition video and live pitch should be delivered in English. If the guide normally delivers a language other than English, contestants may record a second version in that language for judging consideration as well.
    5. File Format: Acceptable video file formats include: .MP4, .WAV, .MOV, .WMV, .AVI
    6. Video File Size: The size of your video file should not be more than 100Mb (video files larger than 100Mb will be disqualified).
    7. Helpful Tip: You could use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet to record and then upload your video. If your phone has video recording capability, you could use it too. Present yourself as you expect to present yourself the day of the live competition.
  3. Semi-Finalists will be chosen from video submissions. Semi-Finalist video submissions will be aired the day of the event for judges to evaluate and determine which contestants move forward to the live Finals, also to take place the day of the event. All Semi-Finalists will be notified in advance of the event in order to prepare to appear and deliver their throwdown in front of the live panel of judges and audience attendees.
  4. To select the Finalists, judges will be given a set of criteria on which to rate the contestants. Combined judge scores will then be tallied together with audience member votes. Finalists will learn live that they’ve been selected to deliver the final throwdown.
  5. There will be multiple cash prize winners and some non-cash prize winners, some of special categories. The total number of winners and prize allocation per winner is yet to be determined. Winners will receive their prizes within 30 days of winning Tour Guide Throwdown 2020.


I just want to watch Tour Guide Throwdown as an audience member. How can I do this?

In order to watch the live-cast of Tour Guide Throwdown on August 13, 2020 as an audience member, you must first register to attend. Registration will generate a confirmation email that provides you with the login URL and event password unique to your “seat” at the show.

How can I vote for Finalist winners?

In order to vote on winning contestants, audience members must first register to attend the August 13, 2020 live version of Tour Guide Throwdown. During the live event, at the end of the Finalist section, audience members will have a chance to cast their votes using the viewing platform.