Disruption Voucher Solution

Redeam’s award winning Disruption Voucher Solution (DVS) technology enables airlines and airport concessionaires to more efficiently handle disruption events should they occur. By integrating with Redeam, airlines can offer passengers the convenience of using their existing, in-hand boarding pass to redeem for goods & services at participating airport vendors. Additionally, Airports can offer concessionaires an easier, electronic way to reconcile airlines’ existing paper disruption vouchers.

How does it work?

Better Traveler Experience

With a full airline integration, travelers no longer require a separate disruption voucher.

Easier Settlement

Airport vendors can electronically scan and accept vouchers and reconcile digitally.

Integration Options

Redeam can optionally integrate with existing Point of Sale (POS) systems for Airport Vendors or Passenger Service Systems (PSS) for Airlines.

Reduced Costs

Dramatically reduce the cost of issuing and reconciling disruption vouchers, whether issuing or accepting them.

Christina Heggie

Investment Principal, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Redeam is an innovative company dedicated to providing a technological solutions to pain points throughout the travel experience. JetBlue Ventures believes Redeam is transforming and optimizing back end connectivity between airlines and airport vendors, improving the process for everyone involved- including the traveler stuck at the airport