What Experience, Activity, and Attraction Operators Really Need to Know about Working with Reserve with Google

Redeam gives the low-down for experience and activity operators and answers common FAQs

What exactly is Reserve with Google?

Back in May 2019, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai opened their developer conference by announcing that Google has “transformed from a company that helps you find answers to a company that helps you get things done.” Reserve with Google is part of this Google evolution. It was developed as a way to enhance the consumer experience without them ever having to leave Google. Think of it as a one-stop-shop, and for activity and attraction businesses, Reserve with Google means an easier sale.

How does Reserve with Google work?

Reserve with Google is a connection between the product or service the consumer wants to buy and the systems by which the retailer sells them. For activity and attraction operators, this means Reserve with Google facilitates ticket sales and reservation bookings by directly connecting with either your own ticketing system or a reseller who’s already selling your inventory. The main difference is that the consumer has already found you within Google — usually on Google Maps, Google Travel, or within a Google mobile experience — and doesn’t have to leave to go someplace else to book your tickets. Just as it works when you sell tickets through another third party, selling through Reserve with Google will deduct that ticket sale from your inventory availability and pass the transaction information along to you. On the consumer’s end, they receive a gate-readable ticket.

Why should attraction and activity Operators work with Reserve with Google?

Smart operators are always looking for new and proven ways to sell more tickets. Google attracts more than 90% of the global search market because it reliably delivers the most relevant and trusted results the world over. Reserve with Google is currently supported in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

Reserve with Google also standardizes every listing so no single activity or attraction gets a more or different listing than another. This kind of parity levels the playing field, and actually gives an edge to operators whose own websites may be somewhat outdated or sub-optimal when it comes to converting visitors into buyers.

If your customers are using Google (or an Android phone) to find things to do, chances are you can capture that sale immediately. Why make your customer do more work to buy a ticket from you? With Reserve with Google, your customer only has two steps to book and confirm a ticket with you. Fewer clicks to buy increases the likelihood that they will buy from your company and not from a competitor…and who doesn’t like a little instant gratification these days?!

What are the most common misconceptions about Reserve with Google?

The Number One misconception is that Google somehow owns the ticket inventory they’re selling. They do not. Google merely digitally connects its system to the systems of other resellers and reservation software to enable it to “suck in” the inventory it displays. To do that, Google has formed official partnerships with these resellers and software companies, and those companies then must build the digital connection, a “bi-directional API,” to Google in order for that inventory to be received and displayed to Google users.

Another common misconception is that selling through Reserve with Google will cannibalize direct ticket sales. It likely does not, rather it provides incremental sales. If someone is searching in Google, your website is competing for that searcher’s attention against other OTAs, travel bloggers, group tour operators, and anyone else’s website that happens to come up in the search results. If you buy Google AdWords to be listed at the top of the page, you could be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to capture user’s attention, which still doesn’t assure you that you’ll get the direct sale and is no better than paying a third party a commission to generate you a sale.

Unless the person directly types your website URL into their browser, you are competing with possibly hundreds or thousands of other search engine results. Stop forfeiting the sale to flawed logic. Instead, win in the very competitive Google environment with a direct connection to Reserve with Google and capture more sales more easily!

How do I know if my inventory is actively being sold on Reserve with Google?

You can tell if your ticket inventory is already being sold through Reserve with Google if there is a BUY TICKETS button on your company’s listing in Google Maps or Google Travel.

Because Google does not purchase or own this inventory, there are a few ways the BUY TICKETS button gets activated:

  • You have a direct relationship with Reserve with Google that you have specifically enabled;
  • A third-party reseller has a direct relationship with Reserve with Google and a direct relationship with you, and is passing your inventory to Reserve with Google with your knowledge and consent;
  • A third-party reseller has a direct relationship with Reserve with Google and a direct relationship with you, and is passing your inventory to Reserve with Google without your knowledge and consent.

It’s the latter circumstance that takes most Operators by surprise. The method for this indirect passing along of your inventory is called onward distribution, and it’s not an uncommon circumstance in the distribution space. In theory, it betters your chance of selling more ticket inventory…but it lacks transparency and control on your part. In order to see which third party might be activating your inventory on Reserve with Google, select the BUY TICKETS button on your listing. You will then be shown ticket types. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and you’ll see those resellers currently providing your inventory to Reserve with Google. 

If you do not want a third party distributor to resell your inventory on Reserve with Google, you can tell them to discontinue the practice.

What are the advantages of selling on Reserve with Google through Redeam?

Redeam has built a direct connection into Reserve with Google, so we can offer you a direct channel between you and Reserve with Google. It is not an onward distribution situation — you consciously choose to sell on Reserve with Google through Redeam.

There are multiple unique benefits of using Redeam to sell on Reserve with Google:

    1. Direct access – you control what inventory you want to sell on Reserve with Google…and what you may want to hold back. And since Redeam is a direct pipe to Reserve with Google, any change to available inventory is more immediate than if you make that change through a third party reselling your inventory on Reserve with Google. In other words, Redeam is faster and better.
    2. Better guest experience at the gate – instead of needing to print out and redeem a paper voucher (which may even be impossible if the guest is already on their vacation!), your guest can directly enter your activity or attraction with a digitally-readable ticket on their phone. This saves your guest time and hassle. They can have fun faster!
    3. More customer booking data – Redeam provides you with your guest’s first name, last name, email address, and phone number so you can remarket to these customers from Day One.
    4. Better insight and reporting – By using Redeam for Reserve with Google, you’ll know exactly what sales Reserve with Google is producing for you. With a third-party, you’ll only know how much total sales through all their distribution channels they’re generating for you. With more transparent, clear reporting, you’ll gain better insight that should help you make future strategic marketing decisions.
    5. Competitive commission rate on bookings – likely less than what you pay other third parties right now so more money stays in your pocket.
    6. Control over your listing content compared to the Reserve with Google content pulled in from your other resellers, which is edited and displayed by them to suit their needs but not necessarily yours.

Flexibility to test new products, options, and pricing configurations through a high-volume channel…Google!

How would I get started selling on Reserve with Google through Redeam?

Redeam has a contractual relationship with all its Reserve with Google operators. To begin the contractual process, you will need to talk to a Redeam Operator Solutions representative. Please complete our Virtual Meeting form today!

P.S. Redeam will also be a leading provider of Google Things To Do solutions when that rolls out of beta. Don’t you want in on that, too? Don’t delay — get in touch with Redeam today!

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